DIG's Songs.

DIG has been recording his own music since 2006. In those days, he was still working with Procter, and only had a Fostex digital 8 track portable recording device. He would record in hotels, and in friends houses where he and Procter were staying.


Since 2012, DIG has been recording most of his music in Avocado Studios. His own personal musical playground, the studio is known for it's green walls and Avocado Painting done by DIG's Mom.

In most cases DIG plays all the instruments in his songs. Exceptions include the background vocal on "Dark Cloud"(Atomic Paradise, 2012), which was done by Alexandra Uranga (then McCrary), a girlfriend of DIG's at the time. DIG's sister, also responsible his guitar's custom artwork as well as DIG VIII's album cover, contributed vocals to several songs, "Catch the Moon", "Cave Swallow", and "Practical Magick". DIG VIII, was originally intended to be the debut of DIG's backing band The Fives. However, the band split and many of their contributions were re-recorded by DIG.  


DIG's discography from his fourth album onward is available through his Bandcamp website . There anyone can play or download any of all of DIG's music. Downloading is free, though people can choose to support DIG through Paypal.  DIG himself is a believer in volunteerism, so the amount (if any) is left entirely up to the listener. 

Listeners can also hear DIG's singles from his Soundcloud page. A playlist has been assembled on the right for your convenience. 

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