About DIG.


He warmed up Procter's crowds by singing and playing guitar.  DIG would be spotted with Procter in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona (sometimes under the name Glenn). However, as time went on, their mentorship became strained. Chaos Magick practitioners are eccentric even by New Age standards. Procter's tendencies were to cause chaos amongst the communities he visited. Lyrics in DIG's music paint the picture of an antisocial man, who on more than one occasion, gave people hallucinogenic drugs without their knowledge. Ethical concerns and fear of legal repercussions caused strife between the two.

After sometime, DIG parted ways with his mentor and returned to Albuquerque. He finished his education, ultimately earning a Bachelor's degree in History. He also built his home studio, Avocado Studios. DIG has produced eight albums ranging from folk, psychedelic, indie pop, and trip hop. He has performed with Conceptions Southwest, Mirracle Studios, Songwriters Circle, The Draft Sessions, and other venues. His tenth album, "DIG X" was released in early 2019.

Dmitri Ian Glover (known as DIG or Glenn) was born in Albuquerque NM, though he has traveled all over the country. DIG has played piano since he was three and guitar since he was ten. In his late teens, he left Albuquerque and traveled the country as an assistant and protege of a man known as Procter, a practitioner of Chaos Magick. Procter would give lectures and hold various ceremonies for Pagan communities around the Southwest. He would also sell various herbal potions, and self written books. DIG would assist Procter for a small portion of the guru's revenue. The two would travel together in an old white van that according to DIG, "you would believe in my mentor's power after seeing him keep that ugly white monstrosity running."


DIG's possessions during this time were few. They consisted of his old Franciscan Acoustic, and a Sony Walkman Procter gave him. The tapes DIG listened to were mostly from Procter who had a knack for old school rock n'roll; namely, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Zombies, NRBQ,  The Flamin' Groovies, The Who, and The Pretty Things. DIG listened to this as well as tapes of his own: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, Gerry Rafferty, and Simon and Garfunkel. Already a piano player, DIG was no stranger to music. But traveling around with a guitar and tapes began to inspire him in new ways. DIG grew out his fingernails and learned to play finger-style; somewhat uncommon 

for steel string guitar players. At first covering his favorite songs, DIG would begin to write songs of his own.

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